American Pyrotechnics Association      
The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry.  Founded in 1948, its goals are to encourage safety in
the design of all types of fireworks.
National Fireworks Association      
The NFA is a organization dedicated to the safe use of fireworks.  The NFA holds a seat on the NFPA Committee for
Pyrotechnics Guild International      
Founded in 1969, the PGI is an independent worldwide organization of amateur and professional fireworks
National Council on Fireworks Safety      
The National Council on Fireworks Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated to the safe enjoyment of fireworks in the
United States.
Washington State Patrol Fireworks Laws and Regulations      
Washington State Patrol Home Page for Fireworks information, laws, and regulations.
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Fireworks Alliance
A non-profit association of Pyro Hobbyists dedicated to advancing the safe use of fireworks and the education of
people about the use and creation of pyrotechniques.