Terms and Conditions of Sale

Fireworks are considered a hazardous product, therefore we have several Terms and Conditions that we place on the sale
of our fireworks. Before you buy fireworks from us, you must agree to and accept all of the Terms and Conditions that we
have set forth in this section.


We sell our products only with the agreement that you will obey all pertinent laws, including Federal, State, County, City,
and other local laws.  You must be aware of  the local laws applicable to the possession and discharge of fireworks.  These  
regulations can be found by calling your county Fire Marshals office or by clicking on the link located in this website.

If you purchase fireworks from D&T Creations you agree to indemnify and hold harmless D&T Creations from any and all
legal consequences, damages, or fees arising from the transportation, storage, handling, sale, and/or use of fireworks. You
accept responsibility for the safe and legal use of fireworks.

D&T Creations sells only consumer fireworks, also known to as UN0336 1.4G fireworks, to the general public.  Consumer
fireworks are those approved under Federal law for consumer use, and have been tested by the US Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC) to make sure they meet various legal requirements regarding type and quantity of pyrotechnic

By Washington State law, we cannot sell firecrackers or rockets to un-permitted individuals.

You must be 16 years old and have photo I.D. to purchase fireworks from D&T creations, this includes pre-orders. There
are no exceptions to this policy.


D&T Creations offers a 5% discount on all of our products to any individual
with a valid military or law enforcement I.D. card, this includes veterans and