Each one of the products we sell has been carefully hand
selected to ensure only the highest quality and
performance.  We currently offer over 100 - 500 Gram
cakes and a huge variety of artillery and assortment
packages.  If you would like a product that we do not carry
just contact us and we will be more than happy to try and
obtain it for you.
Want a great show, but don't know where to
start.  Just give us a price range and we would
be happy to design a show built to suit your
We will BEAT any advertised price out there...
with valid proof.
Are you looking for a particular product or effect...just let us
know and we will see if we can find it for you.
(Must provide adequate time before the 4th).
We will not be posting a price list this year, as we will not be guaranteeing any
stock, except what we have on had at the stand.  Please understand.

We are limited to stock on hand this year due to this
being our last year.    Check out our stand for details

and all the great DEALS

PLEASE NO PREORDERS THIS YEAR!  We will grant all those that have
preordered before with us the same discount at the stand, but we don't have the
time or space to arrange them this year due to the new location and limited stock.