to the 2016 Fireworks Season
We pride ourselves on providing our customers outstanding service.  
On this website you will find many helpful resources including our
product catalog, video links and descriptions of the products we offer.  
You will also find links to the  industry regulations, as well as an entire
array of other interesting information.
We are  proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality products from major brand names such as World Class,
Brothers, Boomer, Black Cat, Shogun, United Pyro, Firehawk, Cannon, Fire Plug, Geisha, Great Grizzly, Winda,  
Cutting Edge, Arrow, and Pyro King.
STINKY'S Fireworks currently sells consumer grade 1.4G fireworks to individual retail customers
around the Washington state area. While we primarily sell fireworks during the retail season from
the 28th of June through the 5th of July we can offer our products to those individuals that furnish
us with an out of season fireworks permit which can be obtained through your county fire prevention
office year round.

This year we will be opening our fireworks stand on the 28th of June which will be located at  

21221 Mountain Highway (Hwy. 7)
Spanaway, Washington 98387
Same location as last year...
We are providing presale to any individual for the 4th of the July season.  
You may purchase your fireworks, to ensure the stock you desire is
available.  Pay by one of our numerous methods, which includes Pay Pal,
Visa/Mastercard, Check, Debit, or Cash.  Then simply make arrangements to
pick up your product at our fireworks stand, between June 28th to July 2nd.  
If arrangements have not been made by July 2nd, your product will be
placed back for sale in our retail stand.
Please read through our policies to ensure that you completely understand our terms of sale and
the legalities surrounding the purchase and use of fireworks.  
We do not sell nor condone
the use of illegal explosive devices (Cherry Bombs, Tennis Ball Bombs, M-80s,
Silver Salutes, and "quarter sticks").
Here at STINKY'S Fireworks we strive to bring you the very
best in 1.4G Consumer Fireworks at  reasonable prices.  Just
take a look at our catalog and I am sure you will agree.
IT'S THE BOMB!!  I should
know I'm Stinky!!
June 26th at noon
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